Idioms of Flare


Overview of the Flare Language

Overview of the Flare Project

Goals of the Flare Project




Dmitriy Myshkin
Project Manager

Eliezer Yudkowsky
Specifications, Architecture

Mike Li
Senior Architect

Michael Baj
Software Engineer

Richard Walker
Software Engineer
Jumping off the
extensibility of XML,
the flexibility of the underlying
representation enables Flare to do
several fundamental things in
fundamentally different ways. Flare
incorporates wholly new features,
as well as several popular features of
other languages which have never before
been brought together. The current
proposed design for Flare has many
proposed features intended to increase
cleanliness, modularity, and safety; some
of them wholly innovative, others
inspired by languages including
Python, Java, C++, Eiffel,
Common LISP, Scheme, Perl,
Haskell, and more.
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